Timothy B. Smith & David A. Powell visit A House Divided

The Chickamauga Campaign & Grant Invades Tennessee

Timothy Smith and David Powell joined us on A House Divided, at AuthorsVoice.net.

On November 12, Bjorn Skaptason interviewed Timothy Smith about is latest book, Grant Invades Tennessee. The book gives readers a battlefield view of the fight for Forts Henry and Donelson, as well as a critical wide-angle perspective on their broader meaning in the conduct and outcome of the war. The first comprehensive tactical treatment of these decisive battles, this book completes the trilogy of the Tennessee River campaign that Smith began in Shiloh and Corinth 1862, marking a milestone in Civil War history.

Whether detailing command-level decisions or using eye-witness anecdotes to describe events on the ground, walking readers through maps or pulling back for an assessment of strategy, this finely written work is equally sure on matters of combat and context. Order Your Copy Today. 

Bjorn also spoke with David Powell about his latest work,  The Chickamauga Campaign: A Barren Victory. Barren Victory, the final installment in his Chickamauga Campaign series, examines the immediate aftermath of this great battle with unprecedented clarity and detail. The narrative opens at dawn on Monday, September 21, 1863, with Union commander William S. Rosecrans in Chattanooga and most of the rest of his Federal army in Rossville, Georgia. Confederate Gen. Braxton Bragg has won the signal victory of his career, but has yet to fully grasp that fact or the fruits of his success. Unfortunately for the South, three grueling days of combat has broken down the Army of Tennessee and made a vigorous pursuit nearly impossible.

In addition to carefully examining the decisions made by each army commander and their consequences, Powell sets forth the dreadful costs of the fighting in terms of the human suffering involved. Barren Victory concludes with the most detailed order of battle (including unit strengths and losses) for Chickamauga ever compiled, and a comprehensive bibliography. A Barren Victory, plus the other titles in the series are available, Order Yours Today. 

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