Sex! Sleep! Dreams! on A House Divided

A House Divided

Daniel Weinberg talked with Judith Giesberg about her book,  Sex and the Civil War and Jonathan W. White, author of Midnight in America.

Giesberg, a professor of history at Villanova University, has written the first serious study of the erotica and pornography that nineteenth-century American soldiers read and shared. She links them to the postwar reaction to pornography and to debates about the future of sex and marriage. Sex and the Civil War examines the social changes that occurred in human relations—including the regulation of sex and reproduction—most evident in the Comstock laws, a federal law and a series of state measures outlawing pornography, contraception, and abortion.

White, associate professor of American studies at Christopher Newport University, has written an innovative new study that explores what dreams meant to Civil War–era Americans and what their dreams reveal about their experiences during the war. Midnight in America shows how Americans grappled with their fears, desires, and struggles while they slept, and how their dreams helped them make sense of the confusion, despair, and loneliness that engulfed them.

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