Peter Cozzens & Tom Army on A House Divided

October 29 Programs

A House Divided, formerly Virtual Book Signing, featured Peter Cozzens and Thomas Army, Jr.

Airing October 29, at 12 noon Central, Daniel Weinberg interviewed Peter Cozzens about his book, The Earth is Weeping.  In this exploration of the wars and negotiations that destroyed tribal ways of life even as they made possible the emergence of the modern United States, Peter Cozzens gives us both sides in comprehensive and singularly intimate detail. He illuminates the encroachment experienced by the tribes and the tribal conflicts over whether to fight or make peace, and explores the squalid lives of soldiers posted to the frontier and the ethical quandaries faced by generals who often sympathized with their native enemies. Order Your Copy. Watch the Program:

After Peter’s interview, Bjorn Skaptason talked with Thomas Army, Jr. about Engineering Victory. Engineering Victory brings a fresh approach to the question of why the North prevailed in the Civil War. Historian Thomas F. Army, Jr., identifies strength in engineering—not superior military strategy or industrial advantage—as the critical determining factor in the war’s outcome. By presenting detailed case studies from both theaters of the war, Army clearly demonstrates how the soldiers’ education, training, and talents spelled the difference between success and failure, victory and defeat. He also reveals massive logistical operations as critical in determining the war’s outcome. Order Your Copy.  Watch the Program:

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