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1860 Campaign Ferrotypes
1860 Campaign Ferrotypes

1860 Campaign Ferrotypes – A Complete Set!

Scarce and Desirable!


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Product Description

Offering a Complete Set of the 1860 Campaign Ferrotypes; the campaign buttons of the day!

It has been suggested that, once distributed, these pins may have been ordered in bulk by political clubs to be handed out to supporters and members, perhaps even to raise more money for further campaign ephemera.

The Lincoln image is that taken by Mathew Brady in 1860 and is known as the Cooper Union photograph, since Lincoln was in New York City to speak there, introducing himself to the East coast. This image (Ostendorf -17, vignetted) was widely used in pins, lithographs, and other campaign items.

Douglas pin still has a bit of its original silk hanger; the Everett image is a bit darker. Overall light wear; images clear.

1860 Presidential Campaign Brass pins with Double-Sided Ferrotype Images of the four Presidential &  Vice Presidential candidates for 1860.  Lincoln/Hamlin; Douglas/Johnson; Bell/Everett; and Breckinridge/Lane. Each 1-1/16 inches diameter.