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Receding Tide

Bearss, Ed. Receding Tide

Vicksburg & Gettysburg
The Campaigns That Changed
The Civil War


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Product Description

Bearss, Edwin C. & Hills, Parker. Receding Tide. Vicksburg and Gettysburg: The Campaigns That changed the Civil War. Washington, D.C.: 2010. 2nd printing, 399p., illustrations, maps.

In Receding Tide, Edwin Cole Bearss draws from his popular Civil War battlefield tours to chronicle these two widely separated but simultaneous clashes and their dramatic conclusion.

It’s a poignant irony in American history that on Independence Day, 1863, not one but two pivotal Civil War battles ended in Union victory, marked the high tide of Confederate military fortune, and ultimately doomed the South’s effort at secession.

On July 4, 1863, after six months of siege, Ulysses Grant’s Union army finally took Vicksburg and split the Confederacy. On the very same day, Robert E. Lee was in Pennsylvania, parrying the threat to Vicksburg with a daring push north to Gettysburg. For two days the battle had raged; on the next, July 3, 1863, Pickett’s Charge was thrown back, a magnificently brave but fruitless assault, and the fate of the Confederacy was sealed; though nearly two more years of bitter fighting remained until the war came to an end.

As the recognized expert on both Vicksburg and Gettysburg, Bearss tells the fascinating story of this single momentous day in our country’s history, offering his readers narratives, maps, illustrations, characteristic wit, dramatic new insights and unerringly intimate knowledge of terrain, tactics, and the colorful personalities of America’s citizen soldiers, Northern and Southern alike.

2nd printing; signed on bookplate.