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Abraham Lincoln Defendant & Litigant
Abraham Lincoln Defendant & LitigantAbraham Lincoln Defendant & Litigant

Townsend, William H. Abraham Lincoln Defendant & Lincoln the Litigant

Townsend Looks at Lincoln as both
a Defendant & a Lawyer



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Product Description

Townsend, William H. ABRAHAM LINCOLN DEFENDANT: LINCOLN’S MOST INTERESTING LAWSUIT and LINCOLN THE LITIGANT. Boston: 1923-25. 2 vols., 43p., 116p.; each limited to 1050 copies; plates; spine labels. M2672, 2816.

The first is an account–with documents–of a lawsuit filed in 1853 with Lincoln as defendant. In May, A petition was filed in the Fayette Circuit Court, Lexington, Ky., by Edward Oldham and Thomas Hemingway; the surviving partners of Oldham, Todd & Company. They claimed Abraham Lincoln collected certain money, as their attorney, which was not paid to them. Lincoln filed four depositions, proving he had. The plaintiffs paid for the motion to dismiss.

The second title concerns the first years of Lincoln’s legal career.

Very good; inscribed and signed; limited edition of 1,050; Litigant includes slip case; vintage ALBS sticker IRC.