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Gutzon Borglum, Signature on Card, Handsomely Framed

Gutzon Borglum
Signed at Mount Rushmore




Gutzon Borglum Autograph Signature on Card, referencing Mount Rushmore, framed with postcard of Gutzon Borglum.

Gutzon Borglum signature on pre-printed card, with July 17, 1936/At Mt. Rushmore/S.D., with the phrase “Colossal/Carvings” at right. Handsomely framed with postcard of Borglum on swing. The grouping also includes a burnished brass plaque with Borglum’s life and death years.

Borglum is most known for carving Mount Rushmore; he devoted the last 14 years of his life to it. His son, Lincoln, completed the finishing touches on it after Gutzon died here in Chicago in 1941.

Gutzon Borglum’s Lincoln work is also on display at the U.S. Capitol crypt and at the Lincoln Tomb in Springfield, IL. Rubbing the nose of the Borglum bust at the Lincoln Tomb in Springfield is supposed to bring good luck. Hence the nose has almost no patina at all, so the nose is shiny!

Card has moderate foxing, appears to be adhered to foam core. Entire in excellent condition.

Borglum, Gutzon. Autograph Signature on Card., framed with postcard and plaque. Card is 3 3/4 ” x 2 1/2″ (apprx), overall 16″ x 11″ .