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Jefferson Davis
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Davis, Jefferson. Autograph Letter Signed, Post War


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Davis, Jefferson. ALS, Memphis, Tenn.: Oct 6th, 1875. Octavo; 2p. Matted with hand-toned image “Engraved for the First Year of the War.”

In full:

Frank Phelps, Esqr,

Dear Sir,

Accept my thanks for your defense of one who seems to excite a degree of slander and malevolence which has rarely been exhibited even towards those who are actively engaged in public affairs, and who might be supposed to be the Author of existing evils.

The adage that “falsehood flies while truth only creeps” is often brought to my mind by seeing how ineffectually correction endeavors to overtake the falsehoods perpetrated against myself in _____ the events of the war as well as those which immediately preceded it.

I knew your Father well and remember him with great respect and affection, serving with him on committees we were brought into close relations with each other, and his tender manly heart won my regard as his sound judgement commanded my confidence.

It is peculiarly gratifying to me to receive kindness at the hand of his son.

It will always give me pleasure to hear from you and I assure you that my best wishes will ever attend you.

Respectfully and Truly Yours,

Jefferson Davis

Housed in burgundy foam core mat;  shrink wrapped, not examined outside of housing.