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Douglas, Stephen A. Note, Signed


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Douglas, Stephen A. (1813-1861; U.S. Senator from Illinois) Manuscript Note, signed “S. A. Douglas”. Washington City: 15 April 1858. To: P C Manning, Esqr / Portland, ME. 8vo.; 1p.

During the 1858 Debates with Lincoln over the extension of slavery into the territories, Douglas writes a note in response to an autograph request. “I comply with your request, and thus furnish my autograph.”

Douglas has a secretary write out; then he boldly signs it – strangely, on the very date on which Lincoln would die seven years later.

Lincoln himself signed a goodly number of these autograph requests, usually using John Nicolay to write out the note, and in the same manner as this one – the placement of the writing in the middle of the page so, hopefully, the folds would not mar the sentiment and signature.