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George A. Custer, Autograph Letter, Signature

Hopeless Romantic and Master of the Mansplain


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 George A. Custer writes and signs a lengthy “love” letter to a lady friend back home.

Custer’s main interest is in discussing Minnie’s professed desire never to be married. In part: “…as a general rule we (men) can never tell when you ladies are in earnest, because you do not mean the half of what you say… I know you would not want to be called an “old maid,” would you? I know if I was a young lady sooner than be an ‘old maid’ I would enter a convent and I would prefer suicide before the convent…I will try and convince you of that ‘folly of your ways’ when I come to Monroe….”

Old Maid? Convent? Suicide? I am sure she was convinced he was a great match after reading this letter.

He goes on to remark on one local woman who married a man much older than she and on a few others.

A fascinating and unusual letter from the young, fair-haired future general.   A Custer letter of longer length than most.

Custer, George Armstrong. Autograph Letter, signed. West Point, NY: Barracks, 3 February 1859. To: Minnie St. John. 8vo.; 4p. w/ envelope: “Miss Minnie St. John / Monroe / Michigan.”