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Gideon Welles, The Diary of Gideon Welles, 1st ed., 3 vols

Views From Inside Lincoln’s Cabinet




This diary of Gideon Welles is the finest insider observation on the inner workings of the Lincoln and Johnson administrations.

While secretary Welles’ observations are always useful, historians have found his accounts of the working of the cabinet during the first few weeks of the presidency, during the Fort Sumter crisis, to be of incomparable value. Welles wrote with strong prose. Far from a simple primary source for the use of historians, these diaries provide compelling reading for all students of the Civil War or presidential politics.

Essential for any collection of Lincolniana or any collection of the Civil War.

Light rubbing; light fraying; very light bump, with a bump on Volume 3; minimal foxing; overall very good condition.

Other editions available, please call 312-944-3085

Welles, Gideon. THE DIARY OF GIDEON WELLES, SECRETARY OF THE NAVY UNDER LINCOLN AND JOHNSON…1861-1869. Boston: 1911. 1st edition, 3 vols. [Howes-W240]