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Down The River
Down The RiverDown The River

Hooper, George. Down The River, 1st ed.

George Hooper’s Swipe of Southern “Manhood”


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Product Description

Down the River by George Hooper in 1st edition is a biting satire of Southern Codes of Honor. Hooper takes a hard swipe at Southern “manhood.”

Hooper, writing under the nom de plume “An Amateur” pens a satire of the achingly convoluted methods by which Southern “gentlemen” engaged in, or rather avoided, dueling.

Twelve full-page engravings by H. L. Stephens illustrate the ridiculous ballet, while demonstrating that the wellspring of the duelist’s courage was usually a demijohn of whiskey.

Dedicated by the author to Confederate General Henry L. Benning, much of the action takes place in Benning’s hometown of Columbus, Georgia. Benning was a Pro-Slavery firebrand and arch-secessionist, and the preposterous antagonists of Hooper’s tale may be based upon him and his type.

Lightly soiled with light shipping of extremities; else very good & bright.

Hooper, George W. Down the River; Or, Practical Lessons Under the Code Duello. By An Amateur. New York: E. J. Hale & Son, 1874. 1st edition, 267(1)p., illustrated.