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Joshua Fry Speed, Check, Signed Endorsement

Two Speeds on One Document!




Joshua Fry Speed Signed Check. Endorsement Joshua Fry Speed was a close friend of Abraham Lincoln from his days in Springfield, Illinois, where Speed was a roommate and partner in a general store; farmer; served one term in the Kentucky House of Representatives in 1848.

James Breckenridge Speed; nephew of Joshua Fry Speed was an American corporate executive, entrepreneur, and philanthropist based in Louisville, Kentucky. He served as the President of the Louisville Railway Company and over the course of his life founded and led multiple public companies including the Louisville Cement Company.  His uncle, Joshua, must have also been on the Board of that company.

This check is endorsed by both Speeds.

This Bank of Kentucky check paid the Louisville Cement Co. $411.32.

Excellent with bold endorsements by the Speeds.

Speed, Joshua Fry (Partly Printed Check, accomplished in manuscript, Signed “J. F. Speed” as an endorsement on the verso, along with his uncle, James B. Speed.) Louisville:  20 August 1871.  Oblong; cancelled revenue stamp.