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Landmark Books For Children
Landmark Books For Children

Landmark Books For Children

The Classic Landmark
For Children Books


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Product Description

The Landmark Books for Children series is a great way to get children to read; and there are so many, they will keep reading!

Random House published the Landmark Books series for young readers – ages 10 to 15 – between 1950 and 1970. The series focused on U.S. history at first, but later branched out, adding a Landmark World series.

The two series ultimately published 185 works of concise history for children, all illustrated, and with vivid, original dust jackets. Landmark d.j.’s are among the finest examples of a golden age of American book illustration.

We have available a partial set of the earliest run of Landmark titles, 61 separate titles spanning #2 (The Landing of the Pilgrims, 1950, by James Daugherty) to #85 (Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr by Anna Erskine Crouse and Russell Crouse).

The Landmark series is a wonderful set for children who love history. This set represents an opportunity to give a child a wonderful gift to be remembered, passed down, and continue collecting!


The books are of various editions, but several are 1st. Condition, on average, is excellent with lightly worn dust jackets.