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Leonard Volk, Statue of Abraham Lincoln

An Impressive Display Piece!




Leonard Volk’s Abraham Lincoln Statue.

This statuette depicts the sixteenth president clutching a scroll inscribed “Emancipation Proclamation.’  The basehas incised lettering along its edge reading, “Copyright by Leonard W. Volk 1891.” The whole rests on a black granite disc 13″, likely a later addition.

Volk opened a studio in Chicago in 1857. He produced busts of Stephen A. Douglas (his wife’s cousin and sponsor of the artist’s European education) and Abraham Lincoln, the latter done in 1860 based on from-life sittings. At that time, he also made plaster castings of Lincoln’s hands and face. His statues of the two famous protagonists are on display in the Illinois State Capitol in Springfield.

This sensitive and adulatory work was yet another of Volk’s projects devoted to his favorite subject.

Bronze with a deep patina, outstanding condition.

Volk, Leonard Wells (1818-1895; Sculptor) Abraham Lincoln: Large Standing Bronze of Lincoln with the Emancipation Proclamation. Base is 10.5″ in diameter, black granite disc 13″ in diameter, overall height is 32″ approx.