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Abraham Lincoln Signature on Legal Document
Abraham Lincoln Signature on Legal Document

Lincoln, Abraham. Autograph Signature on Legal Document

A Rare Legal,One of Only Six Known Instances


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Product Description

Abraham Lincoln Signature on Legal Document.

In this case between “John F. Tharp for the use & John A. Keedy vs Hosea J. Armstrong”, Lincoln, “I do hereby enter myself security for costs in this cause, and acknowledge myself bound to pay or cause to be paid all costs which may accrue in this action either to the opposite part, or to any of the officers of this court in pursuance of the laws of this state….”

This is the first we’ve seen of this particular type of document written out and signed by Lincoln. Previous to this, we have only handled the equally scarce printed form for this action, only six of these extant.

Of interest is that the “A” of his signature is darkened by too much ink coming off his pen, making for a very intimate look at Lincoln doing his daily business.

Just two days prior to this, Lincoln had written to his closest friend, John Speed, inquiring about how he feels about his marriage: “…Are you now, in feeling as well as judgement, glad you are married as you are?…Please answer it quickly as I feel impatient to know.” UNIQUE!

Lincoln, Abraham (1809 – 1865) Autograph Document, signed “A. Lincoln”. Sangamon Circuit Court, (Clinton, IL): 7 October A.R. 1842. Octavo, 7-1/2 x 5-1/8 in.; 1p. Uniformly browned; ink writing is dark and easily read.

Daniel Weinberg, president of Abraham Lincoln Book Shop, talks about this document in our Featured Lincoln Signatures video. Take a Look.