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Abraham Lincoln, Signature on Endorsement

Lincoln Approves a Promotion


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 Abraham Lincoln Signature on an Endorsement.

Chapin is asking to be promoted as a brigadier general, having been recommended “for gallant services in the field in New Mexico” by Generals Slough and Canby. Please, he asks Bates, “exert your influence with Mr. Lincoln in my behalf…I base my claims if any I have, upon service under fire, and after twelve years in the Army….”

But it seems that another is also asking for that same rank, for he continues, “I do not desire any claims of mine to interfere with those of Colonel G(abriel) R(ene) Paul for the same office.” It seems Paul was his father-in-law! And it was he who got that rank! (Paul was shot through the eye at Gettysburg, but survived.)

Lincoln wrote, “Submitted to Sec. of War & Genl. in Chief,” written on the back of a letter from Gurden Chapin, Captain 7th Infantry, U.S. Army, to Attorney General Edward Bates. (The letter must have sat around for a while, as it is dated 14 April.)


Lincoln, Abraham. Autograph Endorsement, signed “A. Lincoln.” [Washington]: 21 July 1863. 8vo.; 4p.

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