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Abraham Lincoln Signed Carte
Abraham Lincoln Signed Carte

Lincoln, Abraham. Signed Carte de Visite

The Abraham Lincoln Penny Pose, 
Signed on Mount


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Product Description

Abraham Lincoln signed this “Penny Pose” carte de visite, on the album mount.

Taken from a carte-de-visite photograph album, containing cartes of numerous Civil War generals and politicians, each signed below the photo on the album mount – like this Lincoln one.

Obviously these were intended to be thought of as signed photographs, but artfully and uniformly placed beneath. Lincoln signed cartes have recently fetched anywhere from $70,000 to $170,000! Here is a lesser priced example where the collector thought this a fine replacement for a directly signed photograph, but one that has the same feel and intent and impact.


Lincoln, Abraham. Carte de Visite, signed on cdv album mount. Washington: Brady Photo Gallery, (9 February 1854).