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Inaugural Ball Dance Card
FrontInaugural Ball Dance Card

Lincoln’s Inaugural Ball Dance Card

A Dance Card from
The Second Inaugural Ball


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Product Description

A Dance Card, from Lincoln’s Second Inagural Ball.

This lovely, woman’s dance card has a printed boarder of violet, blue, and gold on a coated stock; a blue; the printed information within is in red, while the covers are of a light hue. A silk ribbon attaches the two cards.

The first page bears the title, date, and names of the engravers. The second page, titled Order of Dancing, lists the various dances – 21 in total – which range from Quadrilles and various Waltzes to Polkas and Lancers, ending in the Virginia Reel (and “Break Down”).

Page three is titled, Engagements with 21 lines for listing the owner’s dance partner for each dance.

The same engravers produced the official 1865 Invitation to the National Inauguration Ball.

Excellent condition; light discoloration at the fold. Truly ephemeral these dance cards are truly quite scarce and unusual –especially in this wonderful condition; only four or five are extant.

Second Inaugural Ball Dance Card. NATIONAL INAUGURATION BALL, MARCH 6, 1865. [Washington, DC]: Dempsey & O’Toole (engravers). Four pages (printed on either side of two cards); 4.75 x 3.75 inches (opened); unaccomplished.