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Lincoln Inauguration, Souvenir Ribbon
Lincoln Inauguration, Souvenir Ribbon

Ribbon from Lincoln’s Inauguration

A Souvenir Ribbon from
Lincoln’s Second Inauguration


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Product Description

Inauguration Ribbon. Produced in Coventry, England by Thomas Stevens for the American market, who used C. D. Frederick’s June 30, 1861 photograph as the basis of the Lincoln image [O-55]. A colorful woven silk ribbon, 2-1/8 x 7-5/8 inches.

These Stevensgraph ribbons were sold at Lincoln’s second inauguration as a souvenir.

When he was assassinated, the same company hurriedly revised the ribbon, titling it “The Late Lamented President” and adding a couple of lines of poetry at the top, lengthening it to include all that as a memorial.

A tassel may have been attached. This version, produced while Lincoln still lived, is not only more desirable, but certainly much scarcer than the memorial one.

A central fold does not much mar the power and beauty of this ribbon.

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