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Tim Tramp
War LifeTim Tramp

Tramp, Tim. War Life

Gorgeous Zouave Frontispiece!


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Product Description

Tramp, Tim.  War Life: Illustrated by Stories of the Camp and Field.  NY: 1862.  1st edition, 144(4)p., color frontispiece.  

“Tim Tramp” compiled short, usually humorous but sometimes sad, vignettes gleaned from newspapers, and presented them as this small collection.  The work is remarkable as a picture of popular understanding of what was going on in the war during 1862. 

Items that readers would find amusing, such as stereotyped tales of immigrants or African Americans, illustrate the reactions that northern readers – most of whom, like their soldiers in the field, had up till then lived isolated existences – had to the greater world. 

 Such stories were usually carried in the papers as news shorts, and have not commonly made it into histories. 

 Features gorgeous full-color frontispiece, featuring camp scene with Zouaves.

 Common shelf wear; light sunning; light chipping of extremities; light foxing & a few internal markings. 

 A presentation copy, given by the author in April, 1864.