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Ulysses S. Grant, Albumen Photograph At Cold Harbor

Just Before on the the Bloodiest Battles in the Civil War


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Ulysses S. Grant and his staff, photographed at Cold Harbor.

A most uncommon image of Grant and staff, especially being produced prior to the glass negative cracking!

Included are Generals Grant, Rawlins, Duff, Badeau, Bowers, Barnard, Parker, Babcock, and Moulter; and Colonel Dent (three unidentified). In the background, peering out just to the right of the furthest figure, a Black servant stands for his own picture.

Grant would later be photographed by himself next to the same tree. It would become the quintessential Grant photo we know today.

Grant, Ulysses S. ALBUMEN PHOTOGRAPH OF GRANT AND STAFF AT COLD HARBOR, VIRGINIA, MAY 1864. “Brady / Washington” embossed on its heavy stock albumen. 8 x 5 inches; excellent tonality; museum framed.