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David Wills, Gettysburg Address
David Wills, Gettysburg Address

Wills, David. Report of the Select Committee…Soldiers’ National Cemetery, Signed

One of the Earliest Publications of
Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address


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Product Description

Wills, David. REPORT OF THE SELECT COMMITTEE RELATIVE TO THE SOLDIERS’ NATIONAL CEMETERY, TOGETHER WITH THE ACCOMPANYING DOCUMENTS… Harrisburg, PA: Singerly & Myers, State Printers, 1864. Inscribed in pencil: “Dan’l M. Smyster / with respect of / D. Wills.”   1st. 108(3)p.; map as frontis; folding plan.

One of the earliest publications of the proceedings at the dedication of the Gettysburg National Cemetery, including Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address.

This particular report also includes a list of all Pennsylvania soldiers buried in the cemetery. It is, according to John Carbonell, the ninth appearance of Lincoln’s Address in print. Stamped from the library of the “Soldiers’ National Cemetery, Incorporated 1864”.

David Wills headed the Gettysburg Cemetery commemoration and hosted Lincoln in his own home (on the town square), whom he had invited to give “a few appropriate remarks.”

Wills also wrote the Report as “Agent for A. G. Curtin, Governor of Penn’a.” TDaniel Smyster had been a member of the PA State Assembly for several sessions and a Whig candidate for Congress in York and Adams Counties in 1857, and fellow committee member with Wills.

Though some marginal water tiding, re-spined, and the chewing of a mouse at the bottom edge, this copy is quite desirable coming from Wills himself.