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Margin Notes

Abe & Mary, A Reunion Over 150 Years in the Making

Abraham Lincoln by Leonard VolkRecently, we sold this Volk statuette of Abraham Lincoln.

It’s hard to not get attached to these things; and we are always a little sad when these beauties move on to a new home.  We miss him already!

We have a great packer/shipper for these types of objects and I was fully confident Mr. Lincoln would arrive at his destination. Dan and Brandon wrapped him in packing blankets; and off he went to the packaging house. In a few days, all the paperwork was in place and the pick-up was set. I expected an uneventful journey.

However, what happened when the statuette was a few miles from it’s final destination was a “WOW!” moment for everyone who works here!

Let’s start at the beginning…

We have this note, written by Abraham Lincoln on September 7th, 1863. Lincoln writes “Not Manchester N.H. but Manchester, Vermont.”

Apparently, the telegraph operator had made an error and sent Lincoln’s telegraph from September 6th to Manchester, New Hampshire.  Lincoln must have been annoyed; for a telegraph to Mary in Vermont arrived correctly on the 3rd of September! Perhaps there was a different telegraph operator on duty on the 6th of September.

The error was understandable, though. Mary had been in Manchester, New Hampshire the previous week!

Lincoln corrects the telegrapher with this note, written on September 7th. Learn more about the note.

Robert Lincoln would eventually settle in Manchester, Vermont; breaking ground on his prized summer home, Hildene, in 1902.  Hildene reports that Robert first visited Manchester Center, Vermont in the summer of 1863. This note might be a link to Robert’s first trip to Vermont!

So how does this note tie in with the Volk Statuette of Abraham Lincoln?

First, I have to say that I am always nervous when anything of value is “out there.” Insurance means nothing if something happens. All we will see is money if something undue happens. The piece is lost forever and what remains of the piece belongs to the insurance company. Plus, this was my very first “palletized freight shipment” too.  I set up the usual alerts. I didn’t see any service exceptions over the next few days as the parcel made its way to its destination.

By midday on the day of it’s intended arrival I got an email from the shipping company. The subject line read “EXCEPTION ALERT.”  I held my breath as I clicked on the email. Did something horrible happen? Had I a made a mistake? I always expect the worst! Every terrifying possibility crossed my mind.

I was much relieved to read “Your freight pallet has arrived at it’s local service center. We are attempting to notify the recipient so we can schedule it’s delivery.”

Whew! Mr. Lincoln was safely crated and attached to his pallet awaiting the final leg of his journey.

Can you guess where Mr. Lincoln was warehoused?

Take a look!

Mr. Lincoln was in Manchester, New Hampshire that morning!

I quickly send a text to my co-workers. A shop-wide eye roll and several broad smiles later we all breathed a sigh of relief.

Our customer got in touch with the shipping company and arranged for the delivery.

The statuette was delivered in a few days and now lives in New Hampshire.