Brian Dirck & Ron Keller Visit A House Divided

Dirck & Keller

Brian Dirck and Ron Keller joined us on A House Divided on December 7th.

Dirck talked about his book, The Black Heavens. This book investigates Lincoln’s frequent encounters with bereavement and sets his response to death and mourning within the social, cultural, and political context of his times. Lincoln formed a unique approach to death: both intellectual and emotional, typical and yet atypical of his times.  Dirck to paints a compelling portrait of a commander in chief who buried two sons and gave the orders that sent an unprecedented number of Americans to their deaths.

Ron Keller talked about Lincoln in the Illinois Legislature. Keller reassesses Lincoln’s arguably lackluster legislative record during four terms in the Illinois House of Representatives. This fresh look reveals how the underpinnings of his temperament, leadership skills, and political acumen were bolstered on the statehouse floor. Keller also demonstrates that understanding Lincoln’s four terms as a state legislator is vital to understanding him as a whole.

Both titles are available at the links above. Watch the Discussion.

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