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Modern Albumen & Salt Reprints of Important Lincoln Photographs

Only original methods have been used in the production of these photographs. The very same 1860’s photographic methods, techniques, emulsions, cameras, and enlargers that the original photographer would have used produces these exquisite photographs.

They duplicate exactly what photographer’s artistic eye wished us to see from the plate. The plum tone, originally found in period photographs, is quite evident; indeed, this might be the first time you will encounter what the Victorian eye saw when the image was new.

When placed on the authentic gold-toned, handmade albumen paper, created with an 1863 emulsion recipe, dense and vivid images are created. They are the equivalent of any 19th century photograph, though perhaps with a bit more clarity, as modern chemicals are more consistently derived.

Produced by France Scully Osterman, a specialist and educator in wet-plate collodion photography, it is her skill that brings this lifelike image of Lincoln to us today. It allows you to own an evocative photograph that will bring Lincoln to life: warts, wrinkles, pores, and all!

These photographs has a clarity and richness that can only be produced from an original period negative.

They will not only give great pleasure now, but should become prized collector’s artifacts in the future.

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