Holiday Gift Ideas

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  • Douglas Southall Freeman, Lee’s Lieutenants, Signed

  • Earl Hess ed., Animal Histories of the Civil War Era, 1st ed.

  • Lincoln Conspirators, Lions Club Enamel Pins

  • Hampton Newsome, Gettysburg’s Southern Front, Signed on Bookplate

  • Aaron Burr, The Private Journal of Aaron Burr, Original MSS Ed, with Ephemera

  • John Hanson as President of the Continental Congress, Printed Document, Signed

  • Abraham Lincoln, Autograph Note, Signed, Postal Related

  • Pfanz, Harry W., Gettysburg, The Second Day, 1st ed.

  • Samuel Arnold, Defence and Prison Experiences of a Lincoln Conspirator, Ltd Ed.

  • Gary Gallagher, Bruce Catton: Army of the Potomac trilogy, Signed on Bookplate

  • James Madison, Partly Printed Check, Accomplished and Signed

  • Jan Jacobi, Young Lincoln, 1st ed., Signed on Bookplate, Ages 10-14

  • Jan Jacobi, Lincoln in Springfield, 1st ed., Signed on Bookplate, Ages 10-14

  • Jon Meacham, And There Was Light, Later ed., Signed on Bookplate

  • John Adams, Manuscript Document, Signed, A Receipt

  • Abraham Lincoln, Carte De Visite Donated by Lincoln

  • Patrick Henry Document Signed, Land Grant

  • David Blight, Frederick Douglass: Prophet of Freedom, later ed., Signed on bookplate

  • Kate Masur, ed., They Knew Lincoln, later ed., Signed

  • Kate Masur, Until Justice Be Done, 1st ed., Signed

  • John G. Nicolay, Abraham Lincoln, pamphlet, 1st ed.

  • John F. Kennedy, Sam Houston and the Senate, Essay

  • Lincoln Family, Calling Cards

  • Elmer Ellsworth, Hand-Colored Memorial Lithograph

  • Elmer Ellsworth, Menu from Marshall House

  • Zachary Taylor & MIllard Fillmore, Electoral Ticket

  • Abraham Lincoln, Bust by Unidentified Artist

  • Our Country Forever! Songs For Sherman’s Army, War-dated Broadside

  • Roger Lowenstein, Ways and Means, 1st ed., Signed on Bookplate

  • Ronald Reagan, Color Photograph, Inscribed and Signed to Olympian Florence Joyner