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Abraham Lincoln, 1860 Campaign – Illustrated Envelope

Campaign Envelope
Featuring Three Lincoln Images


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A handsome, postally used, campaign envelope from the 1860 Campaign.

Lincoln’s image is shown a record three times: as the lawyer-politician (using the Hesler image, it seems); as rail-splitter (looking a bit Amish!); and as traveling down to New Orleans on a raft (too small to be recognized, except for his tall hat. Also, “Lincoln” and “Hamlin” banners are posted on the rails Lincoln is producing.

It is addressed to “A. D. Hayunset (?) / West Addison / Vermont.” Though a bit primitive, that is also its allure, being one of the more attractive designs for these covers.

Excellent; light soiling only.

Illustrated 1860 Campaign Cover. Jefferson, OH: J. A. Howells, Publisher, (1860). 5-1/4 x 3-1/8 inches; drawn by “Tibbitts.” [Milgram, AL-77]Postal-Used with Apr 9 1863 CDS, cancelled in Maine, with three cent stamp.