Aaron Copland, Lincoln Portrait, Full Score, Signed


Lincoln Portrait Might Have Inspired the 1957 Revolution in Venezuela



The full score of Aaron Copland’s Lincoln Portrait, Signed.

Copland’s classical orchestral work creation uses material from Lincoln’s words and excerpts from Lincoln’s speeches as well as folk songs from the era.  It was Commissioned by conductor Andre Kostelanetz, and finished in 1942. Of Lincoln Portrait Copland wrote, “I hoped to suggest something of the mysterious sense of fatality that surrounds Lincoln’s personality. The challenge was to compose something simple, yet interesting enough to fit Lincoln.”

A “Note for the Speaker” precedes the one-page speaker’s script:  “The speaker is cautioned against undue emphasis in the delivery of Lincoln’s words.  The words are sufficiently dramatic in themselves; they need no added “emotion'” they are meant to be read simply and directly.” The speaker  should depend only “on his complete sincerity of manner” we can all sense how not to read them.”

Notable narrators include the late Maya Angelou, Neil Armstrong, Alec Baldwin, Tom Hanks, Katherine Hepburn, Phylicia Rashad, Tom Hanks, and Aaron Copland himself!

Excellent with a strong signature. 

Copland, Aaron. LINCOLN PORTRAIT FOR SPEAKER AND ORCHESTRA / ORCHESTRAL SCORE.  New York:  Boosey & Hawkes, n.d. (premiered May 14, 1942).  5-1/4″ x 7-1/2″; 44 pages, stapled; printed wrappers; $3 price on title page.  Signed, “Aaron Copland” on the title page.