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Aaron Reynolds, President Squid

Squid! For President!

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Squid knows he would be the perfect president. He has all the right things-a tie, a Titanic house, he’s already famous and most importantly, he’s big and bossy so the other sea creatures HAVE to listen to him. As he roams the sea floor looking for supporters, he soon learns no one cares about his tie or fame; no one hails him and no one is impressed. Soon Squid learns that bossing his fellow sea creatures does not make a perfect president. The president has to help his constituents! The tie, the house, the fame mean little. He has to work hard and make a difference in creature’s lives. In the end, Squid makes a much more suitable choice for himself.

Aaron Reynolds’ President Squid is a great choice for any young reader, during this election year, especially. Bombastic and bossy, Squid closely resembles many of the candidates we have seen this season. Recommended for ages 5-8, but grown-ups will find this the perfect souvenir to this year’s campaign.

Sara Varon’s boldly colorful and downright silly illustrations make this book a visual treat. She captures the expressions of Squid’s undersea neighbors perfectly. It is a perfect read-out-loud favorite.

1st ed., signed on bookplate.

“Political satire at its most playful.”  —Kirkus Reviews

Aaron Reynolds joined us on LadyBird & Friends. Watch the program:

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