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Henry Warren, Abraham Lincoln, Albumen Photograph

The Last Image of Lincoln


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This albumen photograph of Abraham Lincoln was taken by Henry Warren in March, 1865.

The true first printing; the caption  reads “The Latest;” after the assassination, the caption was changed to read “The Last.”

Lincoln appears to be annoyed; often attributed to the sun and wind in his face. We believe differently. Warren had used Tad to lure Lincoln into a photograph. A doting parent, that would have certainly bothered Lincoln to the point of not concealing his emotions.

Excellent clarity; a scarce and much sought-after image. Photographed through the glass, much nicer in person.

Warren, Henry F. (Photographer) Albumen Photograph: “THE LATEST PHOTOGRAPH OF PRESIDENT LINCOLN TAKEN ON THE BALCONY AT THE WHITE HOUSE, MARCH 6, 1865.” Waltham, Mass: (1865). (O-112) 9 x 10 inches, laid on a caption printed mount. Handsomely framed.