Abraham Lincoln & Andrew Johnson, Autograph Endorsements on Pardon




Both Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson sign their endorsements on a pardon.

Though Johnson was Vice-President Elect at this time, he signed his endorsement (missing) with his rank of Brigadier General and as Military Governor of Tennessee. 

Lincoln writes out a pardon:  “Let this man take the oath of Dec. 8, 1863 & be discharged,” the Lincoln signs and dates the pardon. 

3 x 2 inches; handsomely floated and matted to museum specifications with Lincoln and Johnson engravings.  Framed with OP3 Plexiglass to approximate 18 x 14 inches. 

Excellent; fold misses signatures; lt., small ink smudges most likely by Lincoln himself, with his large hands signing a large amount of times at each session.

Lincoln, Abraham & Johnson, Andrew.  Autograph Endorsements signed by “A. Lincoln” and the signature of  “Andrew Johnson / Brig. Gen’l. & Mit. Gov.”  (Washington):  31 December 1864.