Abraham Lincoln, Autograph Endorsement, Signed


“…I Do Not Think Any Good Can Come…”

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Abraham Lincoln writes and signs and endorsement.

Written five weeks after the lost Battle of Secessionville, with Union troops remaining on James Island off South Carolina’s coast, Lincoln “regret(s) to say I do not think any good can come out of a conference on the Military Governorship of S.C.” 

The promising backstory of why governorship of South Carolina was coming up just then, and why “no good” could come of it, needs to be researched.

This is written on the address leaf of a letter. Unfortunately, that’s all there is. The letter was probably lost when the person — now hopefully burning in Hell — separated this endorsement from that letter.

Lincoln’s strong signature is reminiscent of his earlier days in the 1840s and 1850s.  Quite unusual, though, is his dotting of his signature’s “i” so far to the right, nearly resting next to the final “ln.”  Generally, he dotted the “i” over the initial “n”.       

Lincoln, Abraham. Autograph Endorsement, signed “A. Lincoln”.  Endorsement written on the address leaf of a letter to “His Excellency / the President.”