Abraham Lincoln, Autograph Note, Signed, Postal Related


Lincoln Eloquently Allows the People Speak

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Abraham Lincoln Note, Signed, Lincoln replies to “My Dear Madam…”

 In full:  “The most I can say is that when the time comes, if it has been made to appear that the appointment of your friend of the Post-Office at Oskaloosa, will be as satisfactory of the people there, as  would that of any other person, he will probably receive it; otherwise not. /  Yours truly / A. Lincoln.” 

Not in Collected Works.  An unusual note displaying a deft hand at blowing off persistent office-seekers while using acerbic wit. 

Very good; narrow paper panel along left edge on verso.

Lincoln, Abraham. Autograph Note, signed “A. Lincoln.” [Washington, D.C.]:  no date [c1861?].  4.75″ x 3″ on lined writing paper, addressed to an unknown lady, “My Dear Madam.”