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Abraham Lincoln Cabinet – A Collection of Eight Signed Photographs

Includes Three of the Toughest Ones to Find!




Abraham Lincoln’s Cabinet, a collection of eight signed cartes-de-visite of Members of Lincoln’s first cabinet.

The eight Cabinet Members are from Lincoln’s first term as President. They are Edwin Stanton (Secretary of War), William H. Seward (Secretary of State), Gideon Welles (Secretary of the Navy), William Pitt Fessenden (Secretary of the Treasury), John Palmer Usher (Secretary of the Interior), William Dennison (Postmaster General), and Salmon P. Chase (Secretary of Treasury, not pictured).

Though not a complete Cabinet collection, it is unusual to find so many gathered together. Three of the toughest to find are included-Fessenden, Usher, and Dennison are highly prized and tough to find.  The collection can be completed in time!

The Abraham Lincoln carte is the well-known “Penny Pose,” taken by Anthony Berger at Brady’s Washington gallery on February 9, 1864 (Ostendorf, LINCOLN’S PHOTOGRAPHS:  AN ALBUM OF EVERY KNOWN POSE, #89). The signature is clear and bold, though with a slight smudge made by Lincoln at the end of the signature – a not uncommon occurrence with him.

Lincoln & Cabinet A Collection of Eight (8) Cartes de Visite of Abraham Lincoln and His Cabinet Members.  Washington, DC: [Mathew] Brady, circa 1864.  Each carte has a vignetted image, with Brady’s printed indicia both at the bottom of the mount and on the back.  They are uniformly clean with excellent tonality and clarity.