Abraham Lincoln Funeral, Chicago Order of Procession Silk




This is a black silk keepsake from President Abraham Lincoln’s funeral procession in Chicago, Illinois.

The “Order of Procession” is printed in gray, and lists the pallbearers, guard of honor, and general procession; between the list of pallbearers is a designated place in line where the funeral car is.

Text at the bottom describes the path of the procession, notes road closures, and lists the preparations for the body’s lying in state. There is a beige trim around the edge of the silk, with scalloped ribbon and loose fringe.

Label from Library of Congress website states: “Lincoln’s funeral procession in Chicago on May 1, 1865, was perhaps the most emotional ceremony of the thirteen-day journey. The people of Chicago felt they had a special claim on Lincoln because their city hosted the political convention of 1860 that nominated him for the Republican ticket. They lined up in such numbers at the Cook County Courthouse, where the body was put on display, that the viewing lasted all night and throughout the following day.”

Quite scarce, especially in this excellent condition; two mild fold lines in the middle to not impact the silk all the way through.

Reception of the remains of President Lincoln, at Chicago, May 1, 1865. / ORDER OF PROCESSION….  Chicago:  1865.  Silk; 13″ x 10″; white lettering on black background; silk backing sewn on the verso for protection.

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