Abraham Lincoln, Hair from Lincoln


Strands of Lincoln’s Hair, with Solid Provenance

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Offering well-documented hair from the head of Abraham Lincoln. Dr. Charles Leale, the first surgeon to arrive in aid of the dying President, originally removed some of Lincoln’s hair in order to gain access to the wound.

This lock was given to Mrs. Lincoln who soon gave it to Dr. Taft, a young surgeon who attended wounded soldiers at a Washington hospital; he had become acquainted with the President during Lincoln’s visits to the recovering soldiers.  Dr. Taft willed the hair to his son, Charles C. Taft, who sold it to “Big Five” Lincoln collector William H. Lambert in 1908. Upon Lambert’s death, the Lincoln hair was sold to Henry C. Hines in whose possession it remained until 1993 when it was discovered in his estate.

A similar item recently sold at auction for $6,875.00. Here is a second chance to acquire the actual hair of Abraham Lincoln!

(Lincoln, Abraham. Well-Documented Hair) Approximately ten small strands and four snippets of hair from the head of Abraham Lincoln, originally owned by Dr. Charles Sabin Taft, the chosen  surgeon to treat Lincoln on the evening of the assassination.  The hair is mounted to an 8.5″ x 11″ page bearing a printed reproduction of a Lincoln photograph and signature with a composite reproduction of the deathbed scene.