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Abraham Lincoln in Slavery, 1864 Campaign Pamphlet

An Almost Impossible to Find Pamphlet!


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The Opinions of Abraham Lincoln Upon Slavery and Its Issues…, a rare pamphlet from the 1864 Campaign.

This is one of the most difficult campaign pieces to discover; the first we’ve handled!  This historic pamphlet contains 64 excerpts from Lincoln’s thoughts and views on the subject of slavery from June 1858 to December 1863.

Included are Lincoln’s Springfield ‘House Divided’ speech (June 17, 1858); a passage from his first Inaugural Address (March 4, 1861); and the Emancipation Proclamation (January 1, 1863).  Lesser-known speeches, etc., cover:  How to end slavery agitation (Quincy, 1858); “The manner in which the White and Black Races can do each other most good” (Chicago, 1858); “The inalienable rights of man” (May 1859); “Our national sins acknowledged” (May 1862); “the Writ of Habeas Corpus designed to protect Liberty, not to subvert it” (June 1863); and much more.

Very good with light toning, and small pieces of old tape along the right edge of the first page.

[Campaign Pamphlet 1864]  THE OPINIONS OF ABRAHAM LINCOLN UPON SLAVERY AND ITS ISSUES: INDICATED BY HIS SPEECHES, LETTERS, MESSAGES, AND PROCLAMATIONS.  “Printed by L. Towers for the Union Congressional Committee” [1864].  [M320].