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Abraham Lincoln, Inaugural Commemorative Textile

A Beautiful Relic From Lincoln’s First Inaugural




Offering a silk textile, commemorating the 1st Inauguration of  Abraham Lincoln. This was intended to be used as a ribbon or a handkerchief.

Lincoln appears here as the unbearded, Springfield lawyer. He is surrounded by a wreath of silver/grey daisies, each rendered in two shades. The centers of the daisies are fashioned into star shapes.  Above Lincoln is a red and blue Union shield with stars and stripes. The shield is surrounded by what appear to be laurel leaves, in two tones of green. Above that, is an eagle holding a light blue ribbon in his beak. The letters on the ribbon are rendered in black. The ribbon reads  “Union For Ever.”

On the left, just below the wreath, is the designer’s name and date, S. Chèvre / 1861. The right identifies  Isaac Dreyfus / Sons / Basle, the maker of this piece and the company’s  location. At the bottom are the words A. Lincoln. / President.

Lincoln’s face is woven into the ribbon; it is not printed. The embroidery appears to be machine-created.

V.g., only flaw being a stain near Lincoln’s left shoulder.

(Lincoln, Abraham – First Inaugural) Embroidered, Silk Commemorative Textile.  8 1/2″ x 4 7/8″ (21.6 x 12.4 cm); matted and framed.

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