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Abraham Lincoln, Military Commission, Signed

For a Soldier Killed at Fredericksburg


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Abraham Lincoln signature on a military commission for George Dickenson as a First Lieutenant in the Fourth Regiment of Artillery.

Dickenson’s name is spelled with an E on his commission and in Heitman. His name appears elsewhere spelled Dickinson, with an “I.”  Lt. Dickenson was killed December 13, 1862 at the battle of Fredericksburg; his death is described in George Rable’s book FREDERICKSBURG!  FREDERICKSBURG!  on page 241.

Very good with strong signatures; laid down.

Lincoln, Abraham (16th President)  Partly Printed Vellum Document, signed “Abraham Lincoln”.  Washington:  22 March 1862.  Counter-signed by Edwin Stanton, Secretary of War.  Folio; 1p.; framed. 

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