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Abraham Lincoln, Modern Albumen Print of His Last Formal Portrait

The Very First Authentic Reproduction of the Left Image of the Lost Stereoview
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Abraham Lincoln’s Last Formal Portrait, rendered in a modern albumen format.

The firm of Scully and Osterman of Rochester, N.Y, is one of the country’s leading fashioners of  albumen photographs derived from original glass plates.  It is their skill that conveys the evocative nature of true 19th century photographs…and allows you to now own a photograph which will bring Lincoln “to life”: warts, war-weary wrinkles, pores, and all!

These prints duplicate exactly what Gardner’s artistic eye wished us to see from his plate.  It is the equivalent of any period photograph; indeed, this might be the first time you will encounter what the Victorian eye saw when the image was new.   The original photograph was taken by Alexander Gardner, February 5, 1865 in Washington, DC. It’s reference number is O-116. Lincoln was 56 years old.

Here is Lincoln, relaxed at his last formal sitting. A pencil and his spectacles are blurry in his fidgeting hands, while a smile graces his war-worn countenance.  There is detail in this photo which you have not seen before:  the true hollowness of Lincoln’s cheek; the second book on the desk; the starchy folds in his shirt; the clarity of his watch fob; the veins in his hand; and scratches on the armrest, Lincoln’s coat draped over it.

These photographs will not only give great pleasure now, but should become prized collector’s artifacts in the future.

Authentic Albumen Photograph, Whole Plate Albumen Photograph derived from the Original Collodion Wet-Plate Stereo Glass Negative (left-hand image). 6.5 x 8.5 inches (image), 7-5/8 c 9-3/4 (overall), mounted on a thin anti-curling paper.   Limited  Edition of only 10 prints.