Abraham Lincoln Mourning Folk Art

Lincoln Morning Relic, with Pennsylvania Dutch Influences


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This Abraham Lincoln Mourning Folk Art piece features many hand-painted details, including hearts, vines, and flowers; a hex sign that resembles the rain symbol, as well as a triangle border. In the manner of pinprick fraktur, the piece is highlighted with tiny pinpricks around the border and the painted elements.

It features a composite albumen photo of Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. Surrounding this composite image are the words THE MARTYR/AND/ (image)/THE FATHER rendered in pinprick fraktur.

Certainly from Pennsylvania Dutch country, it features a period frame, wood backing (original?), with minor wear-some would say charmingly distressed!

Very Good, not examined outside frame.

Mourning – Abraham Lincoln. Folk Art Piece, 16 1/2″ x 12 1/2″ overall. framed.