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Albert Castel, Decision in the West, Later Ed.

Sherman and Atlanta


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Albert Castel wrote Decision in the West: The Atlanta Campaign of 1864 during a time when there was a profound need for a fulsome military history of the Atlanta campaign.  As a prolific writer of the Civil War in the West, and biographer of General Sterling Price, Castel was the right scholar for the job.

Castel provides an accurate and detailed account of W.T. Sherman’s great campaign, while also providing the reader an imaginative and compelling literary style. Castel writes in the present tense, giving the reader a sense of immediacy, and a greater appreciation of the factors that went in to controversial command decisions – of which there are many in the Atlanta campaign. The reader generally knows what Sherman knew when he knew it. Criticism comes later, after events have played out. The result is both compelling reading and effective analysis that disdains the practice of “Monday morning quarterbacking.”

James M. McPherson called Decision in the West the “fullest and most intelligible study of the Atlanta campaign that we have or are likely to have.”

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Castel, Albert. Decision in the West: The Atlanta Campaign of 1864. Lawrence: The University Press of Kansas, 1992. 3rd printing, 665p., maps, illustrations.

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