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Alexander Hamilton, The “Reynolds” Pamphlet

Considered the First Sex Scandal in American Politics!




Alexander Hamilton’s “Reynolds” pamphlet.

Alexander Hamilton forestalls one scandal by admitting to another! In “Observations of Certain Documents…” he admits his affair with Maria Reynolds in order to expose the plot by James and Maria Reynolds to blackmail him.

This is considered the first sex scandal in the history of American politics. Known as the “Reynolds Pamphlet,” in this publication Hamilton confessed to personal irregularity in order to defend his public probity.

This 1800 edition was published by Hamilton’s enemies, demonstrating that a good scandal can be resurrected for future gain.

Disbound; upper margin only has slight water damage, away from type. Quite scarce.

Hamilton, Alexander (1757-1804; Signed U.S. Constitution; Co-author Federalist Papers; 1st U. S. Secretary of the Treasury; killed by Aaron Burr in duel).   OBSERVATIONS OF CERTAIN DOCUMENTS CONTAINED IN NO. V & VI OF “THE HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES FOR THE YEAR 1796,” IN WHICH THE CHARGE OF SPECULATION AGAINST ALEXANDER HAMILTON, LATE SECRETARY OF THE TREASURY, IS FULLY REFUTED. WRITTEN BY HIMSELF. Philadelphia: Printed Pro Bono Publico, 1800 (c1797). 38(58) pages; disbound (Howes H120).