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Allen C. Guelzo, Gettysburg: The Last Invasion




Guelzo, Allan. Gettysburg: The Last Invasion. New York: 2013. later edition, 630p., illustrations, maps.

From an acclaimed Civil War historian, a brilliant history of the climactic three-day battle in Pennsylvania, one of the greatest in human history.

Despite all that has been written about the Battle of Gettysburg, Allen Guelzo provides new information and insights in this stirring account. Unafraid to challenge conventional wisdom, he praises General O. O. Howard, maintains that General George Meade did indeed contemplate retreat on July 2 but was persuaded otherwise by subordinates, and criticizes Meade for missed opportunities in the pursuit after the battle. Readers will find much to think about in this book. — James M. McPherson

A marvelous book that deserves to be read and savored. — Jay Winik.

As new; dust jacket.

Allen joined us on Virtual Book Signing in May, 2013. Watch the program.