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Andrew Jackson, Broadside 1828 Presidential Campaign

Backstabbing! Genocide! Murder! 


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An Anti-Andrew Jackson Campaign Broadside.

Backstabbing! Murder! Genocide! The 1828 presidential campaign had it all.

A striking testimony to one of the most bitter presidential campaigns ever fought. This graphic broadside, one of several circulated during the intense and bitter political contest of 1828, accuses Jackson of all of the above and more.

Used as part of a smear campaign against Jackson in the 1828 presidential campaign, partly to counter the charges of a “Corrupt Bargain” between John Quincy Adams and Henry Clay, Jackson is here tagged a murderer in the execution of 13 militiamen during the War of 1812 (in two separate incidents); and for the merciless extermination of nearly 1,000 Indians in March 1814 and other Indian prisoners in 1818.

The existence of several broadsides – textually similar, but typographically different – may be evidence of a coordinated attack on “Old Hickory,” but also may simply reflect strong local Anti-Jackson factions.

The text is printed within bold black borders; similar borders divide the text into blocks; one small woodcut shows Jackson stabbing an enemy in the back with a sword/cane on the streets of Nashville. At the top are woodcuts of six large coffins, with the names of the executed militiamen; others represent additional supposed victims of his cruelty.

Excellent; clear and distinct printing throughout; full margins; usual soft folds. Small left margin 1-1/2” chip; pin-hole at center fold intersect; one partial (repairable) fold break.

(Jackson, Andrew & Adams, John Quincy) Classic Anti-Jackson Coffin Broadside. “Some Account of some of the Bloody Deeds of GEN. JACKSON / 6-coffin image / 5 – columns of text / …..” No place: circa 26 May 1828. Folio (F.); printed on all-rag paper; 13-3/4 x 21-3/4 inches.

[This has sold as high as $6,000 at auction.]