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Andrew Jackson, Manuscript Document, Signed, Framed

Andrew Jackson Appoints His Son to Land Grant Secretary


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Offering a Andrew Jackson manuscript document, signed.

Jackson appoints Andrew Jackson, Jr. as Secretary to the General Land Office, a role in which he signed all land grants for the President during the latter’s second term.

Andrew Jackson met Rachel Donelson Robards (1767-1828) in Tennessee and married her circa 1791. As a married couple, Andrew and Rachel Jackson adopted one of Rachel’s nephews. They  named him Andrew Jackson, Jr. (1809-1865) and raised him from an infant as their son. Jr. was the biological son of Rachel’s brother Severn Donelson (1773-1818) and his wife Elizabeth Rucker Donelson (1782-1828).

Rachel Jackson, the president’s wife, was Donelson’s aunt. Following the death of his father and his mother’s remarriage, the younger Donelson moved into the Hermitage with his aunt and uncle, where he served as Jackson’s private secretary. Prominent in Democratic politics, Donelson was instrumental in the 1845 annexation of Texas and served as Minister to Prussia before his vice-presidential bid on Millard Fillmore’s ticket.

As an adult, Andrew Jackson, Jr., helped to manage the Hermitage plantation.

Very good with a large, bold signature; seal intact but cracked; horizontal central fold weak.

Jackson, Andrew Manuscript Document, signed “Andrew Jackson” as President.   Washington:  2 December 1836.  Folio; 1p.; framed with an engraving. Counter-signed by John Forsyth, Secretary of State.