Andrew Johnson, Ticket to Impeachment


A “Golden Ticket” to Johnson’s Impeachment


A ticket to the impeachment trial of Andrew Johnson. Many sought these tickets for entry to the trial on impeachment.  They were variously color-coded in yellow, peach, blue, and green.

A clean, fresh, and handsome yellow ticket for the U.S. Senate on April 30th, 1868. Ticket #159 “Admit(s) the Bearer” through the Main Entrance and has a printed signature of Geo. T. Brown, Sergeant-at-Arms. 

At the end of 1867, Andrew Johnson fired Edwin Stanton from his post as Secretary of War replacing him with Maj. Genl. Lorenzo Thomas as an interim secretary. Stanton had Thomas arrested for illegally taking over his office. 

Citing a violation of the Tenure of Office act, Radicals in Congress passed articles of impeachment on 24 February 1868.   But, just 17 days after the issuance of the present ticket, the Senate acquitted Johnson on a 35-19 vote, falling short of the necessary two-thirds majority by a single vote.  

Excellent with the stub entirely attached!

Johnson, Andrew. Impeachment Ticket with Stub Attached.  4-3/4″ x 2-7/8″.  Washington:  Philip & Solomons (1868).

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