Antietam Battlefield Board, Atlas of the Battlefield of Antietam, 1st ed.


Original Battlefield Atlas!

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The Antietam Battlefield Board, with Ezra Carmen as the leading authority, published Atlas of the Battlefield of Antietam as part of the original design and interpretation of the Antietam National Battlefield. Features three pages of order of battle, and then 14 maps detailing the chronological movement of the battle. A wonderful example of the artisan bookbinder’s craft. Includes a historical base map from the second (1908) edition, not bound-in.

Scarce and handsome, it is missing title page; light dampstaining; expertly rebound & maps reinforced; original cover label.

Antietam Battlefield Board. ATLAS OF THE BATTLEFIELD OF ANTIETAM, PREPARED UNDER THE DIRECTION OF THE ANTIETAM BATTLEFIELD BOARD, LIEUT. GEORGE B. DAVIS, U.S.A., PRESIDENT. GEN. E. A. CARMEN, U.S.V., GEN. H. HETH, C.S.A.. SURVEYED BY LIEUT. COL. E. B. COPE, ENGINEER”¦ Washington, DC., (GPO), 1904. First edition, Large folio. F(3)p., 14 maps. 28″ x 18″ (approximately).

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