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Gettysburg, John, Bachelder, Gettysburg Battlefield Isometrical Lithograph

The Most Attractive Gettysburg Map Produced During the War!


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John Bachelder’s Gettysburg Battlefield Print, with both the grid and the signatures!

Bachelder had been commissioned by the Army to produce a topographical map with a grid, to accompany a pamphlet that listed the units according to their position on that grid.  Batchelder was then allowed to commercially produce the print.

This is one of the six versions he offered, being an uncolored or tinted version, but with an overlaid grid (relating to a descriptive pamphlet, not present) and printed signatures of generals who had attested to the map’s accuracy, including Doubleday, Hancock, Howard, Sykes, Sedgwick, and Warren.  Chief among these, and dominating the lower border, is an endorsement from commanding general George G. Meade, stating, “I am perfectly satisfied with the accuracy with which the typography is delineated and the position of the troops laid out.”

Perhaps the most famous Gettysburg print and still regarded as a superior rendering of the battleground topography and troop dispositions of both companies and regiments.

Besides the locations of units and their commanders, there are creeks, roads, bridges, fences, houses and their owners’ names, and places where key officers were killed, wounded, or taken prisoner.

An excellent example of a most desirable print and one that is difficult to find today in this condition; and the first we’ve encountered that has both the grid and the attesting signatures.

Prior folds and some wrinkling evident, but do not detract; a few small surface scrapings, but little loss of information; excellent condition for being on a seemingly thin rice paper.

(Gettysburg, Battle of) Bachelder, John B. (Preeminent Gettysburg historian; landscape and portrait painter) GETTYSBURG BATTLE-FIELD.  “Isometrical” Lithograph drawn by John B. Bachelder, published by Endicott & Co., N.Y., 1863.  Approx. 41 x 28 inches (sight); framed to museum specifications. Unusual for having a grid across the map.

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